Saturday, July 14, 2007


Speaking of art and art galleries, Anupam Kher hosted curator Vickram Sethi's art exhibition `Have a Heart', organised by the NGO Deeds at Out of the Blue in Khar. Kher must have been trying to be clever and make people smile when he said he was going to personally borrow some money from his driver to make the first contribution, but certainly he had his heart in the right place. What made this event special was a dance performance by 12 hearing impaired children from Vikas Vidyalaya based on popular film songs, followed by a bhajan rendered by the children.
The idea was to disprove the myth that the hearing impaired cannot dance or sing in rhythm. Deeds plans to build a hostel at Dehradun for at least 100 hearing impaired students. The NGO also plans to set up 40 vocational centres, upgrade teaching methods in schools for the hearing impaired and work with Impact India Foundation to reach out to one million children in Maharashtra.

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